Whats Included? KNG Mobile Radio, Programming Mic, Install Kit, Broadband Mobile Antenna w/ Coax and Connector

Offered in four frequency bands and two power options, 50 or 100 watt, the KNG Series Mobile is smart and easy to customize to fit your everyday needs.

Need Options, or Accessories? Go Here Options are installed before shipment.

  • 5000 Channels, Dynamic Zoning
  • 136-174 Mhz VHF
  • USB or Mobile Programmability
  • Mixed-mode Operation
  • Talk Around
  • Channel/Priority/Group Scan
  • Custom Menu System
  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G
  • Text Messaging
  • Alpha-numeric Touch Screen Display
  • Small Package High and Mid Power
  • Birdie Free
  • 256 Programmable Quick Call ID’s
  • Busy Channel Selections
  • Problem Prevention Features
  • DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.60 Vocoder
  • Emergency Signaling